Cooperation with FZD

The Institute of Automotive Engineering (Fahrzeugtechnik Darmstadt (FZD), Technische Universtit├Ąt Darmstadt) and A&D Company Ltd. have signed a cooperation contract. Parties intend to work together to carry out studies with the aim of using A&D six Component Measuring Wheels to assess the performance limits and potential of the Measuring Wheels. The scientific approach of FZD is to build up a mathematical model of the measuring wheels and the tire, including the global vehicle dynamics of the car, to differentiate the influences of the measurement system as well as the influences of the tire.


FZD research activities are in vehicle dynamics as well as in vehicle modeling and tire testing. All these areas are perfect standard applications for multi component force sensors. Enabling to measure the forces form road to vehicle as close as possible on the road. A&D is an expert in force measuring technology and is developing and producing high quality six componets force sensors called Wheel Force Sensors WFS. Recently A&D launched these sensors for the European market. On this background A&D is very pleased to have agreed this cooperation with FZD and to have a competent partner for using this kind of equipment. 

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The picture shows the first Test vehicle of FZD equipped with four A&D wheel force sensors


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