News: A&D Awarded Multi-Million Dollar Combustion Analysis Contract

A&D Technology, Inc. hase been awarded a multi-million dollar contract, to provide fifty advanced combustion analysis systems to a major North American-based automotive manufacturer. The new combustion analysis systems will be installed at several of the OEM’s development and research facilities throughout southeastern Michigan as part of a program to upgrade the manufacturer’s current engine development and test capabilities. A&D’s Combustion Analysis solutions are used to assist engine developers and calibrators in the task of determining an engine’s optimum operating parameters by giving them a picture of what is happening inside the engine throughout the combustion process. As part of this project A&D Technology developed a high-speed interface that passes combustion-related performance data in real-time to the customer’s proprietary mapping software. The data is then used to determine the optimum operating parameters for the engine. The A&D solution adds significant value to the customer’s application. Having a fully automated mapping process significantly reduces the time required to bring a new engine to market, and minimizes the overall development costs. “This project demonstrates that A&D’s combustion analysis systems continue to play an important role in the enhancement of engine performance”, says Craig Giraud, Product Manager for Combustion Products at A&D Technology. “By providing developers with the valuable information required to meet the ever-increasing emissions standards while still improving fuel economy, it will continue to be an integral part of the development process for both conventional and hybrid powertrains.” A&D Technology was selected for this prestigious project primarily due to their industry leading, advanced technology offerings, and their superior customer service.

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