Plate Force Sensor (PFS)

The Plate Force Sensor is a 6 component force sensor with unique properties. It is suitable for many different applications. One of the applications it is designed for is road contact force measurement. For this the Plate Force Sensor is installed in the surface of the road. When the tire of the vehicle go over through the sensor, the PFS will measure 6 force components directly at the contact point of tire and road. This data will provide snapshot of how the tire is applying the force to the road for more precise data analysis to support discovering the mystery of force transfer behavior at the terminal of the powertrain.


Typical dynamic measurements of this application can be seen here:


Beside the road contact point measurement PFS can be used in many other applications that need to measure multiple axis forces. It has a stiff design with at the same time high resolution. These are the unique points of the PFS.

Standard measurement rates are available from 3kN to 30kN. Customized versions in size and range can be provided on request.

Unique features of PFS:

  • A&D Model Based Sensor (MBS) approach
  • High Speed A/D converts strain gauge output directly at the gauge to digital signals
  • Digital real time processing using a sensor model
    • Extracts independent 6 components force and moment
    • Minimum cross talk effects beyond conventional analog circuit amplification.

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