Force Matrix Sensor AD7822-11 (FMS)

The FMS is a three component tire footprint force measurement system. It consists of Matrix of small 3 component Sensors that measures the longitudinal (Fx), lateral (Fy) and vertical forces (Fz) in the tire footprint and A&D high-end DSP (AD-PROCYON) that performs high-speed data acquisition and processing.

FMS Sensor UnitFMS

The Force Matrix Sensor consists of an array of 8mm by 8mm sensors stacked in rows and embedded in a base plate. The plate is installed on the road, and as the tire passes over the sensors, the tire footprint forces are measured. AD-PROCYON performs high speed data sampling at 100ksps (kilo samples per second) allowing tests to be conducted up to 400km/h. Upon completion of data acquisition, the complete tire footprint can be constructed that shows force distribution in the contact patch with a high resolution.

Typical force data from a tire foot print can be seen in the following picture:

FMS Data

A typical configuration of the FMS is a row of 40 sensors which will cover tire patch pictures up to a width of 320mm. One row of sensors is enough to gain pictures like the above. But standard configurations can be delivered up 4 rows in one sensor unit. Beside this, custom solutions can be created on request.

Unique features of FMS are: 

  • A&D Model Based Sensor (MBS) approach
  • High Speed A/D converts strain gauge output directly at the gauge to digital signal
  • Digital real time processing using a sensor model
  • High stiffness and data acquisition rate to measure force distribution in high frequency

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