Laser Ground Sensor (LGS)

The laser Ground sensor uses laser sensors to measure as ground speed and hight and angle of the vehicles wheel. 


The Laser Ground Sensor (LGS) consists of 2 Laser Doppler Velocimeters (LDV) and 3 Laser Distance Sensors (LDS). The LDVs measure ground speed in two directions and tire rotation in a lateral direction. The 3 LDSs measure the distance from the ground to determine the changes in wheel height during the drive. Slip angle (output from the ground speed data), camber angle, pitch angle, roll angle (outputs from the distance data) can be obtained from DSP (Digital Signal Processor) calculations.

Unique Features of LGS:

  • IP65 waterproof rating

  • LDS can be used on days with bright skies by attaching a filter

  • LDV is operable at speeds starting at 0km/h

  • Can be independently attached to a standard wheel

  • Can be used in various combinations with A&D vehicle measurement systems

  • Data can be stored in a Micro SD card inside the controler

  • CAN interface for digital signal logging


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