Rotation Torque Sensor (RTS) AD7832

The Rotation Torque Sensor is designed for in shaft torque measurement e.g as used for test beds for powertrain development. The A&D Model Based Sensor approach assures a very robust but sensitive sensor. 


Its dual range feature and its high resolution makes it very suitable for test bed applications allowing to make best use of its 0.03% accuracy.
The robustness against share forces allows using very simple calibration units but achieves best calibration result using dead weight calibration.


Unique Features of RTS:

A&D Model Based Sensor (MBS) approach

  • High Speed A/D converts strain gauge output directly in the sensor to digital signals
  • Digital real time processing using a sensor model
    • Also as multiple component sensor available (thrust and radial forces) 
    • Beyond conventional analog circuit amplification


Main Technical Data:

Standard ranges: 200Nm, 500Nm, 1kNm, 2kNm, 5kNm,

Dual Range 1/5 of FS and FS

Accuracy: 0.03 %

Speeds up to 12000 RPM

Analog or digital output available.

Additional information