Wheel Force Sensor (WFS)

The Wheel Force Sensor measures the 6 force components of the wheel as near as possible to realistic driving conditions. The sensor design achieves both a low weight and high stiffness. It is designed to provide high quality measurement data under any type of driving conditions.



Unique Features of WFS:

 A&D Model Based Sensor (MBS) approach

  • High Speed A/D converts strain gauge output directly in the sensor to digital signals
  • Digital real time processing using a sensor model
    • Extracts 6 independent components force and moment
    • Minimum cross talk effects beyond conventional analog circuit


Main Technical Data:

Standard Range: Fz 24kN, My 4kNm

Sensitivity: 1/4000 for forces and 1/2500 for moments.

Total Error: lower than 0.1%


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