Wheel Position Sensor (WPS)

The Wheel Position Sensor measures the change of the wheel position in 6  components. 


The wheel movement is measured in relation to the vehicle body using an original A&D model. Data collected from 5 individual sensors is converted into the following 6 values:
X displacement: Vehicle longditunal direction
Y displacement: Vehicle lateral direction
Z displacement:  Gravity direction
Ax: Angle of gravity direction and wheel diameter direction
Ay: Wheel rotation angle
Az: Angle of vehicle movement direction and tire direction.

Unique Features of WFS:

  • High resolution 17 bit rotary encoder

  • Absolute value measurement system - no need for calibration

  • Attachable to a standard wheel

  • IP65 waterproof rating

  • Measured data is stored in Micro SD card

  • CAN Interface for digital signal logging



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