Vehicle Measurement System (VMS)

The A&D Vehicle Measurement System is a specialized data aquisition system for the high-accuracy sensors from A&D acquiring synchronized vehicle dynamics data under various real-world conditions. It is completely modular and scalable, and can be configured to include only the sensors required for a specific application. Third-party sensors can also be incorporated.

Typical applications are comming form Vehicle Dynamics or form Drive train efficincy. 


The following Sensors can be added to VMS:

 The folowing list contains possibel sensors which can be added to VMS:

  • In-vehicle Network – obtain information from vehicle ECU via CAN bus such as engine speed, throttle and brake information, current gear, coolant temperature, etc.
  • GPS Sensor - obtain latitude, longitude and altitude position of the vehicle
  • Inertial Sensor – obtain roll, pitch and yaw accelerations of the vehicle
  • Wind Sensor – obtain the direction of wind with respect to the vehicle, wind speed, wind temperature
  • Temperature Sensors – obtain ambient, vehicle and tire temperature



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